Here are all the rules about the wiki. Follow them and you can be a trusted user to this wiki.

The Rules

  • No harrasing, bullying/harrasing/insulting, and cussing: Do these two things and you will have a ban that will last for a week. (Substitue words are allowed such as feck, shoot, crap, and darn.) Now do you really want to be like Mr. woop?
  • Please do not post any creepy stuff on this wiki such as images. If you do one of the admins will delete the photo and give you a warning.
  • Keep this community safe and you will be in trouble if you do something harmful to this wiki.
  • No vandalizing and spamming. Do these two and you will get a warning, but if you continue you will be blocked. (Spamming is allowed on chat, but don't spam too much or else the spamming will be stopped). Now do you really want to be like Mr. woop?
  • Please do not only come to this wiki to advertize other wiki's or inform a user about his/her block on another wiki.
  • Please do not do anything mean to the admins. You will be in huge trouble if you do.
  • If you need help just contact the admins who are currently here such as CaveJohnson, Logankart2000, and MarioPhineas76.
  • Any kind of Stereo Typical Content is not allowed on this wiki.
  • Please do not mess with anyone's hard work.
  • No gossiping about users.
  • Please no trolling. If you do then you will head a trip to the Magical Land of Banishment.

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